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Infusion Baroque is proud to present The Virtuosa Project! What began as a concert season dedicated to music composed by or for women from the 17th-21st centuries now includes a touring programme and The Virtuosa Series, a webseries dedicated to four women of the 18th and 19th centuries: Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia, Lise Cristiani, Teresa Milanollo, and Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre. Each mini-documentary is accompanied by a companion video, in which a piece written by or composed for the featured musician is performed. The series ends with a bonus episode - a round-table discussion on what it means to the members and guests of Infusion Baroque to be a musician and a woman.

Cris Derksen 04 credit Tanja Tiziana LR.

À propos de l'œuvre


Durée :

Emily Gan - Direction, Filming, Editing 

Alexa Raine-Wright - Research, Writing 

Parissa Mohit - Animation 

Michael Shu - Second camera 

Alexandre Tessier - French Translation 

Special Thanks to Patrick Trahan and Elizabeth Emberly  

Infusion Baroque is:  

  • Sallynee Amawat 

  • Rona Nadler 

  • Alexa Raine-Wright 

  • Andrea Stewart  

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada's private radio broadcasters.

Durée :


Durée :

4 part web-series along with musical performances

Mouvements :

embedded public YouTube video on your organization's website

Instrumentation :

Each episode is between 4 and 10 minutes

Spécifications techniques :

Available in English with French subtitles

Spécifications techniques :

Durée :

Mouvements :

  • The Scottish Connection was released on YouTube in December 2020

  • #virtuELLES - a web series and social media campaign celebrating women of the past and present making music at home


Infusion Baroque draws new audiences to early music through a truly captivating concert experience, deftly combining seasoned musicianship with theatrical elements. Playing music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries on historical instruments, the four women of Infusion Baroque enthrall audiences across North America with their creative and interactive programming.