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Gabriela Ortiz

¡Únicamente La Verdad! (Only the Truth)

The Real Story of Camelia La Tejana
An opera by Gabriela Ortiz
Libretto by Rubén Ortiz Torres

À propos de l'œuvre

Outlaws. Love. Deceit. ONLY THE TRUTH (¡Únicamente La Verdad!) is based on a popular Mexican ballad, “Contrabando y Traicion” (Smuggling and Betrayal). This docu-opera, lifted from the headlines, follows Camelia la Tejana and her lover as they smuggle drugs across the border to Los Angeles. The payoff becomes a deadly showdown! Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz creates a pulsing score that fuses classical and Mexican influences.


Durée :


Mouvements :

Instrumentation :

Principal Roles :
- Camelia la Tejana – soprano
- Escritor – baritone
- Periodista – tenor
- Compositor/Blogger/Senor – baritone
- El Tigre – tenor

Instrumentation :
- winds
- strings
- accordion
- guitar
- percussion

Spécifications techniques :

Language: Spanish


Date de composition:




World Premiere: Mexico City Opera, March 2010
US Premiere: Long Beach Opera, March 2013
Workshop production: Indiana University, 2007



“The libretto holds power and poetry. The music, ranging stylistically from exotic avant-garde to lyrical, fits the subject marvelously. The visual elements called for provide an atmosphere at once real and surreal." - Peter Jacobi, Bloomington Herald Times


Two Latin Grammy nominated Gabriela Ortiz is one of the foremost composers in Mexico today, and one of the most vibrant musicians emerging in the international scene. Her musical language achieves an extraordinary and expressive synthesis of tradition and the avant-garde; combining high art, folk music and jazz in novel, frequently refined and always personal ways. Her compositions are credited for being both entertaining and immediate as well as profound and sophisticated; she achieves a balance between highly organized structure and improvisatory spontaneity. Although based in Mexico, her music is commissioned and performed all over the world.