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Stalin's Piano

a concert by Sonya Lifschitz
and Robert Davidson

“Lifschitz was a life force of extraordinary density and capacity.”

— Gar Jones

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With Stalin’s Piano, Robert Davidson, composer and producer, has developed a truly innovative approach to the piano recital. His technique of speech melody, utilising the actual recordings of iconic figures, intensifies and ritualises key moments in history, bringing attention to the roles, ideals and functions of politicians and artists, juxtaposing their places in contemporary culture. Sonya Lifschitz delivers a tour de force performance in her piano performance and spoken word delivery.

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“a multi-media show featuring politicians, creatives, and thinkers of history in pictures, words, recorded voice, archival footage and the main thread that holds it all together – virtuoso Sonya Lifschitz potent on the piano.” 

—  September 2018



“Lifschitz was a life force of extraordinary density and capacity.” 

—  March 2018



“...there was enjoyment to be had in trying to establish the apparently random connections, not to mention Davidson’s unfailingly expressive music and Lifschitz’s seemingly miraculous unanimity with the speech inflections. Stalin’s Piano is easy on the ear and eye yet invites speculation if you care to look deeper. It’s a real crowd-pleaser..” 

—  Peter Krieg,

March 2018