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Jaap Nico Hamburger


Music by Jaap Nico Hamburger
Libretto by Joel Ivany

based on a novel by Ariella Kornmehl

A traditional family with children. The daughter leaves home to become a philosophy student at a local University. There she meets and befriends an older man of a different culture and falls in love. This results in a conflict between the daughter and her father. She leaves her family home, as she chooses to be loyal to the new love she has found. Alas, the love was not meant to be. Her partner falls ill, and dies. The daughter now finds herself feeling betrayed in the expected unconditional love from her parents, and betrayed by the death that stole the partner she loved. Attempts are made to reconcile with the past. But the fact that everyone means well does not guarantee that matters necessarily end well. The father needs to confront the reality of having to let go of a daughter that is no longer a child. And the child needs to find a way of building her own life, as an independent grown-up. But what are the options? Holding on to a culture no matter what? Embrace change? As in a true Greek Tragedy, one can never undo what was said and done.


Durée :


Mouvements :

Opera in 2 acts

Instrumentation :

father: bass-baritone
mother: mezzo-soprano
daughter: soprano
step-son: tenor
Paul: tenor

violin I (12) violin II (12) viola (8) violoncello (8) contrabass (6)

piccolo (2) flute (2) alto flute oboe (2) cor Anglais
Eb clarinet Bb clarinet (2) bass clarinet bassoon (2) contra bassoon

piccolo-trumpet Bb-trumpet C-trumpet horn in F (4) tenor-
trombone bass-trombone C-tuba

timpani gran cassa snare drum church bells tubular bells
glockenspiel whip xylophone marimba castanette flexa

piano celesta harmonium (2 players)


Spécifications techniques :


Date de composition:




world premiere performance at Lincoln Center, NY, NY; (delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic).



Production featured in a mini-series for Dutch national TV.


Jaap Nico Hamburger writes music that is lyrical, evocative, and strikingly original. The recording of his piano concerto with the Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal, with pianist Assaff Weisman and conductor Vincent de Kort, was released in August 2020 on Leaf Music, followed by two symphonies in November 2020. His opera Goldwasser is in development, and will premiere in New York in 2021-22. 

Jaap Nico Hamburger is a CMC Associate Composer; President and CEO, Orange Music Inc., a Vancouver music production company; and a Director of City Opera Vancouver. He was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and started his musical education at the age of 3. He studied piano with Ruben Lifschitz, Alexandre Hrisanide and Youri Egorov. He is a graduate from the Royal Sweelinck Conservatorium of Music, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a soloist degree in piano.

Jaap Nico Hamburger écriture est lyrique, évocative et remarquablement originale. Un enregistrement de son concerto pour piano avec l'Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal, le pianiste Assaff Weisman et le chef d'orchestre Vincent de Kort sera publié sur Leaf Music en août 2020. Un enregistrement de deux symphonies suivra en novembre 2020. Son opera, Goldwasser, est en développement et la première aura lieu à New York en 2021-22. Jaap Nico Hamburger est un compositeur associé au CMC. 

Il est également le président et PDG d'Orange Music Inc., une compagnie de production musicale de Vancouver et l’un des administrateurs du City Opera Vancouver. Né à Amsterdam, aux Pays-Bas, il a entrepris sa formation musicale à trois ans. Il a étudié le piano avec Reuben Lifschitz, Alexandre Hrisanide et Youri Egorov. Parmi ses exécutions précoces citons le Concerto en ré mineur de Brahms à 13 ans et le Concerto de Mozart KV 488 avec l’Orchestre philharmonique d’Amsterdam à 18 ans. En 1984, il a terminé ses études au Conservatoire royal de musique Sweelinck d’Amsterdam, aux Pays-Bas, qui lui a décerné un diplôme de soliste en piano.


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